At Catlovers we focus on cat veterinary services (Frankston).  We have state of the art equipment on premises to make sure we can diagnose and treat your cat quickly and effectively.    Jim Euclid is our sole cat veterinary surgeon who has dedicated his profession  to cats.

Our surgery is designed to make your cat feel at ease and we believe in a thoroughly gentle approach when handling your cat.

We believe your cat is not just a pet but an important family member and should be treated with the utmost respect.


Cat Experts

We know all about Cat problems and how to fix them

Budget Concious

Most procedures are done in house keeping costs low,


Your Cats comfort and health is our primary concern


Modern Equipment and technology

Emergency Services

We provide emergency call outs (click here)

We Love Cats

That is why we run our Vet Clinic – we love cats!


We Know Breed Peculiarities

With years of cat only experience, Jim understands breed specific genetic conditions.

Cat Experts

Jim Euclid is a cat only Vet by choice.  He loves cats and knows the different problems that pedigree cats can have.

Reasonably Priced

Because most of our procedures are done in house our costs are extremely competitive

Over 30 Years Experience

Jim has had over 30 years of veterinary experience, 15 years directly focused on cats

We are dedicated to treating Cats and providing Cat owners with a pleasurable experience.

Some reviews from our valued clients…

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74 User Reviews

  • Christine Avatar
    01/02/2023 - Google

    3 years on I still continue to be very much a fan of this vet clinic. Jim is a very down to earth vet who doesn't mess around. His experience... read more

    Vanessa Jankovic Avatar
    Vanessa Jankovic
    05/03/2019 - Google

    Absolutely fantastic there

    Illbeseeingyou (Illbeseeinya01) Avatar
    Illbeseeingyou (Illbeseeinya01)
    10/06/2021 - Google

    They were really lovely and not expensive.

    Andy Fisher Avatar
    Andy Fisher
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Really top notch vet, Dr Jim, who is a feline expert - very caring, not expensive, goes above and beyond! Highly recommended.

    Rita S Avatar
    Rita S
    10/09/2020 - Google

    The staff are sensitive, kind and respectful

    Narelle Shaw Avatar
    Narelle Shaw
    16/01/2023 - Google

    Only vet I trust with my pedigree cats

  • Teara Cordwell Avatar
    Teara Cordwell
    27/01/2022 - Google

    Thank god for Jim and the nurses senior cats need TLC and help as they age Jim is happy to show you what to do and best care so they... read more

    Laura Fragopoulos Avatar
    Laura Fragopoulos
    14/02/2022 - Google

    No frills clinic that is efficient and really cares about cats! Great prices and friendly staff!

    Grant Avatar
    10/08/2020 - Google

    Highly recommended for your beloved cats. Awesome service and very well priced.

    Diane Harold Avatar
    Diane Harold
    17/12/2022 - Google

    I wouldn't take my cat anywhere else! The staff are caring and helpful.

    Vic Fkiaras Avatar
    Vic Fkiaras
    07/01/2020 - Google

    Jim is an amazing vet and person. If you have a cat that requires attention, Jim and his practice is the only veterinary clinic that you should visit.
    The very local...
    read more

    Marianna Balint Avatar
    Marianna Balint
    05/10/2022 - Google

    Jim is not only the absolute magician when it comes about bringing cats back to health, but he also has the genuine passion for cat health. If there is emergency,... read more

  • Robert Valerio Avatar
    Robert Valerio
    10/12/2020 - Google

    Fantastic vet who is knowledgeable and cares about your cat. Highly recommended.

    Tracy Harvey Avatar
    Tracy Harvey
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Jim is brilliant with cats.. I take my kitties too him whenever things need doing.. I also took my young puppy too him for vaccinations and microchipping. Very good prices... read more

    Micka Shelton Avatar
    Micka Shelton
    10/02/2021 - Google

    HI i had the unfortunate experience of having to put down my cat/Best friend 4 days before Christmas last year 12 years old . I couldn't have faulted any of... read more

    Rebecca Murnane Avatar
    Rebecca Murnane
    10/09/2020 - Google

    Great vet, great staff.

    Francine Loosemore Avatar
    Francine Loosemore
    19/02/2020 - Google

    Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Sasha Kerdel Avatar
    Sasha Kerdel
    08/07/2019 - Google

    The best cat vet. Amazing customer service and a wealth of experience.

  • Kellie Felic Avatar
    Kellie Felic
    29/10/2019 - Google

    Dr Jim. Well what can I say absolutely adorable very cute Vet thankyou so much for looking after my BENJI ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

    Diana Avatar
    10/04/2021 - Google

    Friendly and welcoming staff.

    Denton Bowles Avatar
    Denton Bowles
    05/02/2019 - Google

    Always good consistent value for money

    Deborah Young Avatar
    Deborah Young
    01/03/2022 - Google

    Very attentive to my fur baby. Professional, caring and efficient. Fantastic service.

    Gabriel Switzer Avatar
    Gabriel Switzer
    05/06/2016 - Google

    I have had 2 experiences with them and they where great. the cats are de-sexed (along time ago) and they did it in timely manner. had to go in... read more

    Tay Mad Avatar
    Tay Mad
    15/12/2019 - Google

    The care my cat received here was exceptional. I had to take him here 3 times in one week due to a medical condition, the vet is thorough and genuinely... read more

  • Tamar Ratnik Avatar
    Tamar Ratnik
    11/12/2021 - Google

    Having been to at least 6-7 clinics and numerous vets for my 2 cats, can 100% say Jim has been most helpful and finally gave us a diagnosis that made... read more

    Robert Orec Avatar
    Robert Orec
    27/11/2019 - Google

    Jim and the staff are awesome. We wouldn't take our cats anywhere else

    Heather Patterson Avatar
    Heather Patterson
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Fabulous vet

    Rhonda Ebsary Avatar
    Rhonda Ebsary
    05/06/2018 - Google

    The best place to take your cat. Friendly staff and Jim is amazing. Will never go anywhere else now.

    Monique Preece Avatar
    Monique Preece
    29/11/2019 - Google

    Fantastic service and help

    Lisa Evans Avatar
    Lisa Evans
    09/09/2021 - Google

    The best vets around so good with animals and staff are lovely!!!!

  • Adam Mayne Avatar
    Adam Mayne
    11/10/2021 - Google

    All the staff at Cat Lovers are amazing. They are patient, caring and friendly.
    Highly recommend.

    Ella Avatar
    18/10/2022 - Google

    Dr Jim is fantastic, highly recommended for any cat lovers needing a Vet, he has 30yrs experience, he knows exactly what the issue is each time I've brought in my... read more

    Zeinab BKOrtho Avatar
    Zeinab BKOrtho
    28/03/2019 - Google

    WOW my husband and I cannot believe how lucky we were to have found Dr. Truitt and her staff. We went for our first visit today after a traumatic experience... read more

    Ian David Avatar
    Ian David
    19/01/2019 - Google

    Switched vets when we moved and brought our cat back for a second opinion after what felt like a too brief and perfunctory examination at another vets.
    Got more information,...
    read more

    Anushke Dalpathadu Avatar
    Anushke Dalpathadu
    08/02/2020 - Google

    Garfield gets looked after when he goes for his furrcut.

    Vic Fkiaras Avatar
    Vic Fkiaras
    10/01/2020 - Google

    Jim is an amazing vet and person. If you have a cat that requires attention, Jim and his practice is the only veterinary clinic that you should visit.The very local... read more

  • Glenn Hampson Avatar
    Glenn Hampson
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Dr Jim and the team are the best with my much loved family pets and is very reasonably priced.They care what they do and are very efficient at assessing issues.Wouldn’t... read more

    Jo MacKenzie Avatar
    Jo MacKenzie
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Professional, wonderful caring staff. Jim is so gentle with Tippi and gives great advice and doesn't try to talk or sell you unnecessary products for your fur baby compared to... read more

    Fyuuredhijgfzre Gjjygtdftyirguug Avatar
    Fyuuredhijgfzre Gjjygtdftyirguug
    22/05/2020 - Google

    Run by a good, decent man with a similarly kind business partner.

    Sarah Nyikos Avatar
    Sarah Nyikos
    20/08/2021 - Google

    Great place for cats

    Caren Ruck Avatar
    Caren Ruck
    10/05/2019 - Google

    The best vet I have found. Lovely staff who are always happy to help.

    Simone Simiona Avatar
    Simone Simiona
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Thank you to the team - I am a first time cat owner..our Tipani was desexed - team were very caring and friendly... busy for a small establishment which was... read more

  • Max Power Avatar
    Max Power
    01/07/2021 - Google

    Very happy with there service and professionalism. Great on prices!

    Lorraine Annetts Avatar
    Lorraine Annetts
    08/02/2020 - Google


    Mark A Avatar
    Mark A
    05/06/2016 - Google

    DONT TAKE any notice of the Negative response , Jim is the BEST there is, I would not take my cats anywhere else, EVER !!!!!

    Rosemary Lawson Avatar
    Rosemary Lawson
    24/09/2021 - Google

    Very efficient and friendly.

    Steph Fletcher Avatar
    Steph Fletcher
    09/11/2022 - Google

    Jim and all the staff at cat lovers are wonderful. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the care and pure love this vet gives ever time I... read more

    Christina Pavlinovich Avatar
    Christina Pavlinovich
    25/10/2022 - Google

    I contunue to be very much a fan of this vet clinic.
    Jim is a very down to earth vet who doesn't mess around.
    His experience means he can recognize and identify...
    read more

  • Maggs M Avatar
    Maggs M
    21/02/2022 - Google

    Took my cat there to their groomer after his coat became terribly matted after he had to have 5 teeth removed (from another vet). Booked him into the same... read more

    Katelyn Rose Avatar
    Katelyn Rose
    10/08/2021 - Google

    Absolutely love these vets all the staff are super friendly and understanding the pricing is also very reasonable I would definitely recommend

    coopercav Avatar
    28/06/2019 - Google

    Always helpful, which is why we have trusted out cats welfare to them for over 10 years & see them monthly.

    Stanley Stanley Avatar
    Stanley Stanley
    09/05/2022 - Google

    We live far away but we keep coming here for our cats.

    Pam Avatar
    10/05/2021 - Google

    After being told at another vet during a routine visit, that my 17yo cat should be euthanased on the spot, l felt shocked, traumatised and refused. The vet was quite... read more

    Leesa Williamson Avatar
    Leesa Williamson
    05/06/2018 - Google

    Caring staff. Will only take my cats here for veterinary care

  • Vlasta Birindzic Avatar
    Vlasta Birindzic
    26/08/2020 - Google

    I'm short for words when it comes to praise the great work and human touch that Jim and his staff provided me and my cat Bella, all along. This was... read more

    _Heather. Twyford Avatar
    _Heather. Twyford
    05/10/2018 - Google

    They don't just push the cats out, I needed kitty litter delivered nothing is to much trouble.

    Nita Cortese Avatar
    Nita Cortese
    05/11/2019 - Google

    Very friendly staff. So gentle with my kitten. Competitive prices. Great for pensioners.

    Liz Bagot Avatar
    Liz Bagot
    28/04/2019 - Google

    This is an excellent practice with great staff and a lovely, informative Vet! Judy is also great, very kind and clearly a dog lover. I feel welcomed and treated well.... read more

    Julie Gittins Avatar
    Julie Gittins
    27/10/2019 - Google

    Great people, top care

    Jim Mavridis Avatar
    Jim Mavridis
    10/05/2021 - Google

    The best vet I have ever come across.


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Catlovers Veterinary clinic provides Cat Vet Services for Melbourne, Frankson, Chelsea, Mentone, Mornington, Langwarrin, Mount Eliza, Seaford, Mordialloc, Aspendale, Patterson Lakes, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Springvale and surrounding areas.